Room 209 : A Dynasty's Tale of Passion, Destiny, and Deceit

Room 209 : A Dynasty's Tale of Passion, Destiny, and Deceit


Annita L Henson, James C Henson
Paperback | 254 pages
140 x 216 x 15mm | 327g
Publication date
17 Nov 2011
Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication City/Country
North Charleston SC, United States


The year is 1990 and Karl Schneider II, a Conservative and the scion of a prominent Berlin family, is running for Parliament in Germany. The coming European Union and the disintegration of the Soviet Union make the future look exciting and prosperous. Yet, on the eve of what would appear to be a sure-fire political victory, the devastating rumor that Karl is the grandson of Adolf Hitler has begun to circulate. But is it true? Through a really frantic chase, Schneider=s trusted friend and Political Campaign guru Andrew Becker starts following the clues to disprove them. Schneider's adversaries follow the clues, hoping the tale is true. The quest begins in Berlin near the fallen Berlin Wall and continues on to America. Becker is aided by the secret diaries of Stefanie Bergman, a German socialite and Hitler=s teen-age infatuation, which reveal a tale of passion, indiscretion, political intrigue and dynastic struggle. Full of colorful history of the time, this carefully researched book provides a critical look at how events of that era came to be.

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