A Girl On A Train : A Silent Scream

A Girl On A Train : A Silent Scream


James Corbett
Paperback | 238 pages
152 x 229 x 13mm | 322g
Publication date
09 Apr 2016
Createspace Independent Publishing Platform


"A Girl on A Train," is a modern day Christian persecution story in Hindu majority India. Father Burns is a Catholic priest of the aggressive kind. He behaves like a company C.E.O and believes in taking Jesus right into Hindu homes. Norine Dunne is his female friend who shares his enthusiasm in spreading the word of god. Shanti is a beggar woman of a different kind. She is a fraud who buys and sells human dead bodies, taking advantage of the fact that many people belonging to the lower income groups did not burn their dead. They simply threw the body in the river. People fished these bodies out of the river and sold them to Shanti who took them to the railway station and begged over them claiming the dead thing was her dead relative and she did not have money to cremate it. She did this to attract the sympathy of passengers who threw money lavishly into her begging bowl. Father Burns and Norine Dunne manage to convert Shanti to the Christian faith. She is persuaded to stop her nefarious activity of dealing with unburnt dead bodies bodies. Unfortunately there is a war on. Christians under Father Burns go into overdrive mode in converting Hindu's to the fold. Hindu's fight back under the leadership of a Hindu godman. They go hammer and tongs for the Christians. The newly convert Christian is caught in the cross fire. Will she survive

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